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European Bureau Investigations
Servizi specialistici di investigazione ad alto contenuto tecnologico e professionale
Company Division
Background information
Identification research
Direct verification of the organisation and of the services of a company, carried out in the premises of the same.

Verification of prejudicial data
Verification at the tribunal, at the municipal notice board, at the mortgages registrar in order to check eventual notification of acts, as well as verification of print articles stored in EBI’s data base. Verification of eventual obligations/ binds of the general manager registered in the municipality where the company is sited.

Verification of the solvency potential
Verification of the payment punctuality and verification at the property register, at the tribunal, at the municipality for eventual prejudice against the party object of investigation.
Thorough check of print articles stored in EBI’s data base as well as of any media information.

Verification of titles/ licences
Verification at the public offices to find out if the party object of investigation is holder of licences, permits, shops, patents

Verification for the recuperation of credit
We collect information about the manager and his family concerning eventual possession and/or property of movable/ immovable goods to be used in case of legal proceeding for the recuperation of credit.
Investigation section
Monitoring of prejudicial events
State-wide monitoring of prejudicial events and/or situations

Industrial counter-espionage
Investigation in order to identify attempts of violation and/or violation of industrial secrets

Investigation into damage , or attempts of damage, of security devices, objects and of the company’s image and/or products.

Unfair competition
Investigation with the aim to determine unfair competition

Verification of activity or conduct leading to the violation of the faithfulness obligation

Investigation into work sphere in order to verify intentional absence from work

Identification and removal of hidden listening or recording devices

Safeguard of patents
Research into violation of patents

Product forgery
Investigation into product forgery and imitation and identification of forgers.

Blackmail and extortion at work
Identification of persons performing blackmail and extortion in the place of work

Information regarding financial standing of persons and companies
Collection of information regarding grant of credit covered by insurance contract. Verification of the solvency potential of natural persons.

Accidents and claims
Ascertainment and collection of testimonial evidence in case of accidents that can lead to reimbursement, either from insurance or from the company. Examination of witnesses.

Investigation aiming at recuperation of credit
Research of insolvent and/or defaulting parties and verification of property belongings to ensure solvency. Attempts of recuperation through legal support.

Pictures and videos
Documentation of events in accordance with the privacy law

Financial investigation
Thorough verification of a company’s structure, financial statement , solvency potential. Same verification applies to the board managers.

Market research
Aggregate analysis of the market development and of particular sectors.

Reserved investigation
Delicate and reserved investigation.

Defection and double work
Ascertainment of any other work activity not compatible with the main one

Security in logistics
Verification of the hauliers entrusted with the execution of transport of valuable goods.

Industrial security
E.B.I. Srl checks the security level of the company. The protection of the premises, of the human resources and of the product should be top priorities.
In this regard EBI Srl makes and puts into effect tailor-made plans for the defence and safeguard of the company’s assets.
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Company Division
Insurance Division
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