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European Bureau Investigations
Servizi specialistici di investigazione ad alto contenuto tecnologico e professionale
Insurance Division

Intervention c/o the inquiry authority with the aim to determine the circumstances surrounding the loss

Fraudulent premiums
Investigation into the improper collection of premiums, discovery of perjuries and safeguard of the insurance companies from unfaithful employees.

Claims arising from accidents
Loss ascertainment and collection of evidence, also testimonial, in claims arising from accidents. Examination of witnesses.

Support in the loss ascertainment and in the finding of evidence and witnesses for a proper evaluation

Repatriation of stolen cars
Our skilled staff and our wide network of contacts developed over the years in europe ( including not - eec countries) enable us to be constantly informed of recoveries and seizures of stolen cars. our company performs all formalities for the repatration of the recovered / seized vehicles

Maintainance and verification of security devices
Checks of anti-theft and anti-robbery devices as well as of fire alarm systems with the aim of verify their correct functioning and determine eventual direct and indirect responsibilities in the cause and/or worsening of the event.

Reserved investigation
Investigation into prejudicial situations regarding work accidents, robbery, theft, fraud and arson.

Personnel’s dishonesty and/or unfaithfulness
Verification of activity or conduct leading to law violation and/or to unfaithfulness

Verification of events falling under willing absence from work

Defection and double work
Verification of eventual other work activity not compatible with the main one

Pictures and videos
Documentation of events in accordance with the privacy law

Verification of patrimonial estates
Verification of property and/or possession of goods

Information regarding financial standing of persons and companies
Collection of information regarding grant of credit covered by insurance contract. Verification of the solvency potential of natural persons.

Investigation aiming at recuperation of credit and of loss deductible
Research of insolvent and/or defaulting parties and verification of property belongings to ensure solvency. Attempts of recuperation through legal support.

Financial investigation
Thorough verification of a company’s structure, financial statement , solvency potential. Same verification applies to the board managers.

Loss prevention
Verification of the applied procedures in order to improve them.
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Insurance Division
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