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European Bureau Investigations
Servizi specialistici di investigazione ad alto contenuto tecnologico e professionale
Person Division
Background information
Information research
Verification at the municipal general registry office for individuation of residence, domicile, family composition and activity of the person object of research

Verification of prejudicial data
Verification at the tribunal, at the municipal notice board, at the mortgages registrar in order to check eventual notification of acts. View of print articles stored in EBI’s data base. Verification of eventual obligations/ binds of the general manager registered in the municipality where the company is sited.

Verification of titles / licences
Verification at the public offices to find out if the party object of investigation is holder of licences, permits, shops, patents

Verification of assets
Verification of property and/or possession of goods
Investigation section
Research of missing persons
Research of missing people either in Italy or abroad

Verification of persons frequented by underage persons
Verification of the persons frequented by underage persons in order to prevent prejudicial acts and situations

Marital infidelity investigation
Verification of behaviours in order to safeguard the family relations

Video and photo services
Documentation of events respecting privacy

Verification of assets
Verification of property and/or possession of goods

Custody of underage people
Verification of the requirements for underage custody

Violence within the family
Verification of violent situations in the family circle

Kidnapping prevention
Counselling in order to prevent kidnapping. Enforcement of security

Financial investigation concerning separated parents
Detailed patrimonial assessment of the spouse object of the investigation

Harassment, blackmail and extortion of money
Investigation aimed at identifying the culprits, prevention of prejudicial behaviour, assistance with the inquiry authority

Research of assets both in Italy and abroad
Person Division
Company Division
Insurance Division
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